Okay so this is my first EVER attempt at writing fanfiction


So please, if you read this, be kind xD

Alright so, this is a TID fanfic, from Clockwork Princess. I tried to keep the timeline canon compliant as possible. It’s from the very end of the book; it’s some time in Chapter 24, specifically. Will and Tessa already had their conversation after Jem was gone to the Silent City, and it is said that they didn’t really talk for a few weeks. Oh and, Sophie has already Ascended. I feel like Cassandra Clare rushed so much with the end of the book; I’ve talked about it with some people before. I mean, it is said that two weeks went by and we don’t know exactly how Will was coping with Jem’s loss, and how Tessa was coping as well. We know that Tessa cried and felt really torn about it, despite being happy that he wasn’t dead, but we don’t get to witness it for real. Same with Will: the book says that he was acting overall miserable, walking around the Institute like a ghost, “not eating, always turning to talk to someone that wasn’t there, the light in his face fading as soon as he remembered[…]”; he tells Magnus that he feels like a part of him is gone, gone with Jem to the whispering bones. He tells Tessa about how he feels, too, and Tessa tells him that it is okay for them to grieve. It is also canon information that Will considered suicide may times, and it always had to do with Jem’s health and the weight of his curse. We saw it clearly in CP2, and many people, such as Tessa and Magnus and Cecily, had to shake him from time to time to tell him that no, he did not have to die to be worth something, and that Jem would not have wanted that to him; that if he wanted to redeem himself he didn’t have to die Snape Style, he just had to stop acting like a piece of shit.

So isn’t it a bit sad that we only got to see the tip of the iceberg when Will(and Tessa) certainly felt a lot more?

Oh well, that’s a whole other subject. As much as I loved Clockwork Princess from the bottom of my heart, I did have a few issues with it, and how rushed and condensed the ending(as in, the last 50 pages or so, I’m not sure) felt to me was one of them. And then I thought about how I also really wish we had seem more of Will and Sophie’s fragile relationship. I wanted to see if they ever got along, and if they ever became friends. But I am aware that The Last Hours will probably address this, if not just a little; so we’ll see. I hope to see more on Will and Tessa’s feelings as well.

I’ll shut up now.

Can you guys please give me your opinions if you read this? :)


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