just imagine Jem in skinny jeans

The silence was lengthening and along with it was Tessa’s anxiety. She hoped everything was okay- but really, ever since Jem had returned into her life she found herself worrying about even the tiniest of things. Which wasn’t a bad thing- she would have had to endured much, much more just to feel even an incomprehensible amount of unpleasantness to do with with Jem’s presence. But sometimes she wondered if things ever got too overwhelming for him in this new world.

Perhaps then, it wasn’t the smartest idea of hers to agree to Magnus’ suggestion of having him buy all the new clothes for Jem.

"Jem?" She called outside of their bedroom, worry lacing her tone. "Is everything alright?" Hands wrung together and her pacing in the hallway increased as the absence of sound met her once again. She could have melted with relief when his voice called back to her. 

"Everything is fine, I am just having a difficult time believing how much fashion has changed. If Jessamine saw this I think she would have a heart attack." 

"It wouldn’t change much about her current state." Tessa voiced back nonchalantly, walking towards the door. "However, I am accustomed to such changes in the ideas of propriety so if you’re comfortable with it I’d be happy to see what Magnus has chosen that has probably caused you to question the direction in which this world is heading.”

A short laugh met her ears, causing a grin to upturn her lips like it did so often lately. “I don’t think it is too bad, just… tight.”

Before she could even question what he had meant, Jem opened the door to their bedroom, causing all the light from the open window in their room to come flooding into the hallway creating illumination that helped her better to see what had been so tight.

And damn her to hell if she didn’t suddenly praise Magnus for his existence.

What would the younger version of herself think at the moment? That Tessa perhaps resembled a trout with her mouth open that wide and eyes that large. Maybe that it was insensible of her to have stared at Jem instead of diverting her gaze. Although, Tessa knew in her heart that the younger girl would have probably stared as well. More spluttering perhaps but the stare would definitely happen.

Realising her compromising state, Tessa’s face turned to red as she looked Jem in the eye. Any longer looking at him in those skinny jeans would have her putty at his feet. Although his dark iris’ certainly weren’t curing that problem. “I think we should keep the pants if you wouldn’t mind.” She mumbled loud enough for him to hear.

A blush that rivalled hers found it’s way to his own cheeks and she found herself happy that despite the darker state of skin, it was still easy to spot when the pink coloured his cheeks. And after all these years she still felt utterly endeared by it. “They aren’t bad?” His hand reached back to scratch his neck, a gesture she had seen many times displayed when he was nervous or unsure.

"Trust me," Tessa told him, lowering her voice and gaining confidence as she walked further towards him. "they are not bad at all. The opposite, really. They really suit you. Great choice of Magnus’s. Cool, casual and a come-hither look, if you will."

The skinny jeans certainly won’t thrown out.

Although, they were thrown.

Onto the floor.

Tessa didn’t mind.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

“I left quite a bit out of the family tree on purpose so as not to spoil too many developments in Last Hours. Quite a few others are misleading — at least one of the marriages listed is arranged, another is a political sham, some of the death dates aren’t really death dates but people being turned/becoming Mundanes, etc.”
- Cassandra Clare



You use a lot of other languages in your books and I was wondering how you did the translations? Or do you speak them?

I’m writing a book and including other languages and I was wondering if I could use Google Translate?

First: Definitely, I do not speak Mandarin, Welsh, French, and Spanish….



About Will and Jem…

Dear Cassie,

Thanks again for your response to my question about Tessa! I originally wrote this the day after Heronstairs day, but with CoHF and TBC, I know you’ve been super busy!

I have a question regarding two big players in the Shadowhunter ‘verse: Will and Jem….